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We help you with the Insurance process of residential storm damage restoration

Roofing damage repair needs or siding storm damage can be difficult to spot sometimes. Even if you do not notice a leaky roof or water damage on ceilings or mold on walls after a storm it does not mean that there is no need to contact a local contractor in the metro area. If you don’t accept a free home inspection from a local construction company you could end up losing the ability to make a insurance claim to reroof or reside your home and could experience the cost of leaving the damage to the structural integrity unattended (we offer free inspections and estimates). Hail storm damage restoration, windstorms damage repairs and tornado damage reconstructions are classified as an "Act of God" by insurance companies. This means your insurance won’t increase your premium because you filed a claim to hire a local remodeler in Minnesota. Insurance companies can increase premiums for everyone in an area that is found susceptible to storm damage so it is wise to use your insurance if you have any hail damage, wind storm damage or tornado damage. It is recommended by Gaviota exteriors Inc. that you become familiar with your individual insurance policy and understand the level of protection your home has.

Free Inspections & estimates

Storm Damage

Remodeling Services

Drywall / Painting

We specialize in storm damage restoration for, fire, water, wind and hail damage. Allow us to inspect your home for damage with no out of pocket cost. We help home owners with their insurance claims to ensure all applicable damage is accounted for and paid by insurance.

We specialize in exterior/interior remodeling twin cities. We have experience with additions, attic/basement finishes, concrete additions or tear outs, pavements and demolitions

Hang drywall, Mud, tape, sand and paint. We offer knock down ceilings and popcorn ceilings along with our interior and exterior painting services. For exterior painting we recommend all season paint. We paint all types of siding.

Roofing / Gutters



We install all types of shingles from three tab to architectural. Cedar shake, metal, EPDM rubber membrane.

Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl Sheet, Vinyl Tile, Linoleum

Vinyl siding, LP smart side, hardie plank board, steel siding, aluminum siding, wood plank installation, stucco. We provide custom bent aluminum fascia, soffit and wraps. Give your home finishing touch with our new seamless gutter installation or new windows and doors

Construction Services in MINNESOTA

We specialize in exterior remodeling and interior renovations around the twin cities. We take pride in our home rehabilitation skills and would be more than happy to assist you in making an informative decision on any home renovations you wish to realize. We are dedicated in showing our customers how important their home improvement project satisfaction is to our business. Gaviota Exterior Inc has extensive experience in multiple construction trades and provides quality and durable remodeling services. We have a longstanding relationship with our construction team members and we ensure high-quality work by overseeing all the craftsmanship ourselves. Gaviota Exterior Inc is flexible and revitalizes the exterior and interior beauty of your home with installations you can trust!

Be informed about your remodeling needs!

We make your dream home a reality by working within your budget and keep you informed about all the phases of the construction project. The structural integrity of your home shelters your family from extreme weather. Maintain your home with less expensive storm repairs in order prevent further damages from water and weather to the home.


Helpful hints on how to Identify Hail Damage and storm repairs needed:

Roofing Hail Damage – Roofing shingles receive the most damage in hailstorms. Damaged shingles allow water to seep through the roof creating water damage to the roof deck, support structure, interior walls, or windows, and can cause staining on walls and flooding inside your home which can lead to mold in the basement and wood rot. All of which can compromise the structural integrity of your roof resulting in collapse. On asphalt shingles, hail damage causes holes, cracking, or missing shingles, dark spots or bruise where granules have been loosened. Shake (wood), slate, tile, and metal roof shingles can all suffer damage from hailstorms. If shingles are cracked, missing, torn or split at seams, you should have an inspection performed.


Hail Damage on Siding inspection:

Siding Hail Damage - Hail damage on Vinyl siding can result in Splits or cracks (usually run parallel to the siding), chipping (a small piece of siding has been broken), Holes (If your siding is broken or has holes in it, then it is no longer protecting your home from the elements). Aluminum siding, and metal siding damage are dings and dents in the siding. In a severe storm, it is common for pieces of siding to be ripped off entirely.


Damaged or broken Windows / Door repairs or replacements:

Broken or rotten Window trim and broken doors are extremely susceptible to wind damage flying debris. Shards of glass can be very dangerous from broken windows. To protect your home from storm flying debris reinforce your window Storm shutters. High impact window glass Installation can reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premiums.


Paint Hail damage:

Damage from a hail storm can cause exterior paint chips, cracks and discoloration in the exterior paint. Chipping is caused by wind driven hailstones or flying debris that causes paint peeling, sometimes in large sections.




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